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Choose your adventure

To try kubefirst locally with no costs, check out our new kubefirst local command here:

The kubefirst platform now supports both the GitHub and GitLab Git providers. The Git provider you choose will host the code for you applications, your new gitops repository, and will be fully configured through that gitops repository with some new Terraform that will manage your team and user access to the system.

If you choose GitLab, your Git Provider will be self-hosted, meaning Kubefirst will install GitLab into your newly created kubernetes cluster. If you choose GitHub, the Kubefirst platform will leverage the free GitHub system at

Kubefirst with GitHub Kubefirst with Self Hosted GitLab
GitHub GitLab
Team Octocat! Team Tanuki!

If you want to know more about Kubefirst before choosing GitHub or GitLab, check out our overview.