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Argo CD

Argo CD is a GitOps oriented continuous delivery tool for kubernetes. We use it to manage all of our applications across our kubernetes clusters.

Argo CD is really great at providing a straightforward mechanism for you to manage Helm charts, their versions, their configuration overrides, and whether their state is in sync with what is running on your clusters.

Managing Apps in ArgoCD

Our Kubernetes apps can be found in our gitops repository at path /registry.

Each of these yaml files will include details regarding the application's source, destination, and Helm configuration overrides.

Applying changes in ArgoCD

Once you change the desired state of the app in the gitops repository main branch, the registered app-of-apps will sync, and any apps that need adjustment will automatically sync with the state that's in git.

Adding applications to ArgoCD

The registry of our Argo CD apps are all in the /registry root directory. Any application added here will be added to argocd. An app can also be an app-of-apps if you require multiple components to be deliveres as a suite. You'll see plenty of examples to follow in the /registry directory.

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