The metaphor-frontend repo is a simple sample microservice with source code, build, and delivery automation that we use to demonstrate parts of the platform. We also find it to be a valuable way to test CI changes without impacting real apps on your platform.

If you visit your /.github/workflows/main.yaml in the metaphor-frontend repository, you'll see that it's just sending some workflows to argo workflows in your local k3d cluster.

The example delivery pipeline will:

  • Publish the metaphor-frontend container to your private github.
  • Add the metaphor-frontend image to a release candidate helm chart and publish it to chartmuseum
  • Set the metaphor-frontend application with the desired Helm chart version in the GitOps repo for development and staging
  • Republish the chart with the release stage, this time without the release candidate notation making it an officially released version and prepare the metaphor-frontend application chart for the next release version
  • Set the officially released metaphor-frontend chart as the desired Helm chart for production.

To watch this pipeline occur, make any change to the main branch of the metaphor-frontend repository. If you're not feeling creative, you can just add a newline to the Once a file in main is changed, navigate to metaphor-frontend's CI/CD in the github Actions tab to see the workflows get submitted to Argo workflows.


You can visit the metaphor-frontend development, staging, and production apps in your browser to see the versions change as you complete resources and Argo CD syncs the apps. The metaphor-frontend URLs can be found in your gitops and metaphor-frontend project files.