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mkdocs-material & mkdocs

mkdocs-material implements mkdocs in a really straightforward way with a great local and production experience. It powers the site that you're reading here. It's a single git repository and all the docs are written in markdown. It has a simple table of contents structure and offers a simple and exceptional localhost experience. It also boasts a fully functional search without any additional components required.

Running Locally

Start the mkdocs-material container from your mkdocs repo root directory:

docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 -v ${PWD}:/docs squidfunk/mkdocs-material

View the local docs by visiting http://localhost:8000

Edit your markdown documentation in your favorite editor and get realtime feedback in the UI

Deploying Updates

To deploy your updates to your live docs, merge request your changes to master. Once merged a pipeline will deliver your changes to preprod and production.

Managing the Table of Contents

In the mkdocs repo root, you'll find how we're managing our navigation, site, and theme in a simple yaml layout. This is all that's needed to add additional markdown pages to your site.

  - Home:
    - Welcome: ''
    - Getting Started:
      - Overview: 'getting-started/'
      - Gitlab Repositories: 'getting-started/'
    - Open Source:
      - Credit: 'kubefirst/'

Search results are rendered automatically from the static site content without any additional resources in play, it's like magic.

Expanding the Site

See for more details on mkdocs-material features and releases.