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Step 1: BUCKET_RAND value

Collect your bucket rand value from the output of your nebulous init execution - it's one of the first things logged. You can also find this bucket suffix by navigating to your gitops repo in GitLab, and navigating to the path terraform/vault/ - the bucket at the top of this file will be named k1-state-store-xxxxxx and xxxxxx is the value we're after. Your BUCKET_RAND value will be a different 6-character sequence.

Add this collected bucketname suffix to your kubefirst.env file from your local nebulous repository.

Be sure to uncomment the BUCKET_RAND line by removing the # from the front.

Step 2: Destroy

While in our local nebulous directory, run:

docker run -it --env-file=kubefirst.env -v $PWD/git:/git --entrypoint /scripts/nebulous/ kubefirst/nebulous:1.6.2