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Here's what we plan to release for Kubefirst v1.11.

Please note that we may not be able to prioritize all requests, but if you want us to fix a specific issue not listed in this roadmap, please add a comment on it or create one if it wasn't reported yet. Same goes for feature requests. For anything else, please ask in #helping-hands in our Slack community.

Kubefirst v1.11

New Features

  • Introduce a publicly available intro chart and image for metaphor #752
  • Introduce log levels #756
  • Introduce metaphor slim #749

Kubefirst Local

  • Add kubefirst local destroy command for destroying local #864
  • Add local Ingress to metaphor slim #879
  • DNS support: provide a local dns similar to the cloud dns experience #747
  • Ingress support: implement Ingress controller for Kubefirst local #745
  • SSL support: enable https access to local services throughout kubefirst local #746


  • Add retry logic to create ngrok tunnel #929
  • Ask user for confirmation at github token screen #863
  • Establish a frictionless user password management through Vault #748
  • Improve template download logic #757
  • kubefirst console - HashiCorp Vault should be in tile position #2 on aws github, aws gitlab, and k3d github stacks #824
  • Kubefirst EKS needs upgrade to newest supported version #811

Kubefirst Console

  • Provide telemetry on console activity #754

Kubefirst Local

  • Improve destroy for local #794


  • restoreSSL fails to backup certificates due to a missing bucket #915
  • 1.11 - cloud - destroy not working #901
  • AWS - Github Terraform not following install Region #853
  • AWS_PROFILE isn't set when executing kubectl and causes authentication errors #838
  • Cloud install - kubeconfig should not be added to the gitops repository #926
  • ErrImagePull on actions-runner-metaphor-frontend pod #924
  • Fix backupSSL not working on 1.11 (regression) #900
  • Github Runners is being deployed in Gitlab flavor #904
  • Include env var for region #944
  • Ngrok authentication failed #850
  • Progress bars are broken for installations #919
  • Removed VOUCH_DOCKER_REGISTRY/VOUCH_DOCKER_TAG rules for deton (regression) #897

Kubefirst Console

  • CrashLoopBackOff on Kubefirst Console pod #923
  • Kubefirst Console not working on 1.11 #899

Kubefirst GitHub

  • Metaphor - Publish/Build is not working for GitHub #925

Kubefirst Local

  • kubefirst local destroy fails when the ~/.k1 folder isn't empty #930
  • kubefirst local fails without an error message to the user #912
  • kubefirst local installation produces invalid certificate errors on all hostnames #910
  • local - when using branch is producing a main-less repo #818
  • Local Setup - Release branch issue with Atlantis #817
  • Welcome message prints long before local installation is complete #918