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Version: 2.2

kubefirst Platforms

What is kubefirst?

kubefirst is a free, fully automated, and instantly operational open source platform that includes some of the most popular open source tools available in the Kubernetes space, all working together in a click.

We support local, AWS, and Civo clouds, with additional clouds in beta. By running our installer in your cloud, you'll get a GitOps cloud management and application delivery ecosystem complete with automated Terraform workflows, Vault secrets management, GitLab or GitHub integrations with Argo, and a demo application that demonstrates how it all pieces together.

kubefirst Architecturekubefirst Architecture

Choose your environment

Local k3d

kubefirst k3d (local)

The fastest way to explore the kubefirst platform!

With kubefirst k3d, you can explore some of the best parts of the kubefirst platform running for free on a local k3d cluster in 5 minutes - without any cloud costs or domain prerequisites.

AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud

Our AWS cloud platform can accommodate all the needs of your enterprise. All you need is a domain in addition to a hosted zone, and within 35 minutes of running a single command, you'll have a secure EKS infrastructure management and application delivery platform.

Civo Cloud

Civo Cloud

The perfect cloud environment when Kubernetes will be the center of attention.

A simple cloud footprint with a powerful open source cloud native tool set for identity and infrastructure management, application delivery, and secrets management. Cloud native infrastructure with incredibly fast provisioning times.