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Welcome to Kubefirst. We're really excited to be able to show a few things on our open source platform. By running our nebulous container against your AWS cloud, you'll get a gitops cloud management and application delivery ecosystem complete with automated terraform workflows, vault secrets management, gitlab integrations with argo, and an example app that demonstrates how it all pieces together.


Install Overview

  • the nebulous container runs in docker on your localhost and will create a gitlab server, an eks cluster with multiple node groups, vault, some argo products, and an example app to demo how everything works.
  • the install takes about 40 minutes to execute - it'll tell you what it's doing as it goes. day 2 operations can't commonly be done within the same hour of cluster provisioning. kubefirst is solving this on our open source platform. we really hope that's worth a github star to you (top right corner).
  • your gitlab server will come preconfigured with two git repositories kubefirst/gitops and kubefirst/metaphor.
  • all of the infrastructure as code will be in your gitops repository in the terraform directory. it's workflow is fully automated with atlantis by merely opening a merge request.
  • all of the applications running in your kubernetes cluster are registered in the gitops repository in the root /registry directory
  • the metaphor repository only needs an update to the main branch to deliver the example application to your new development, staging, and production environments. it will hook into your new vault for secrets, demonstrate automated certs, and dns, and gitops application delivery. our ci/cd is powered by argo cd, argo workflows, gitlab, gitlab-runner, and vault. we really think you'll love it.
  • the result will be the most comprehensive start to managing a kubernetes-centric cloud entirely on open source that you keep and can adjust as you see fit. it's an exceptional fully functioning starting point, with the most comprehensive scope we've ever seen in open source.
  • we'd love to advise your project on next steps. you can reach out to us for anything you need, we're bootstrapped and trying hard to cover our cloud spend - thanks for considering.

Note: This infrastructure will run in your AWS cloud and is subject to associated aws fees. Removal of this infrastructure is also automated with a single command.