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Version: 2.3


The Civo provisioning process will:

  • Create a Kubernetes management cluster in the Civo cloud.
  • Create three virtual workload clusters for each default environment (development, staging & production).
  • Create a gitops Git repository from our gitops-template and store it in your selected Git provider.
  • Install Argo CD bootstrapped against your gitops repository so your repository powers the platform, and become your source of truth.
  • Install all the platform applications using GitOps (from the /registry folder in the gitops repository).
  • Apply Terraform to configure Vault (from the /terraform/vault folder in the gitops repository).
  • Configure the gitops repository to automatically run Terraform executions through Atlantis.
  • Integrate Argo Workflows with your selected Git provider.
  • Install Argo Workflows cluster workflow templates to build containers, publish Helm charts, and provide the GitOps delivery pipelines.
  • Install metaphor, a sample application that uses this automation to demonstrate app delivery.

Installation DiagramInstallation Diagram


kubefirst civo create provisions a local Civo Kubernetes cluster to host your cloud native environment locally.

Your Civo cluster will include:

Argo CDGitOps Continuous Delivery
Argo WorkflowsApplication Continuous Integration
AtlantisTerraform Workflow Automation
cert-managerCertificate Automation Utility
ChartMuseumHelm Chart Registry
External Secrets OperatorsSyncs Kubernetes secrets with Vault secrets
GitHub Action Runner ControllerGitHub Self-Hosted CI Executor
HashiCorp VaultSecrets Management
Metaphor(development, staging, production) instance of sample Next.js app
Ingress NginxIngress Controller