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Platform Installation with the Kubefirst CLI

kubefirst is the name of our cli that installs the kubefirst platform. It can be downloaded here and its source code is here.

It installs a fully automated platform of open source cloud native tools with a simple init and create command.

AWS Prerequesites

For your AWS cloud resources to provision we have just a couple prerequesites:

  1. an AWS account with billing enabled

  2. an established publicly routable hosted zone with dns (docs)

  3. you'll need AdministratorAccess to your aws account (docs)

Step 1 - Download

Download the latest kubefirst cli.

installation using homebrew

brew install kubefirst/tools/kubefirst

installation using other methods

There are a number of other ways to install kubefirst for different operating systems, architectures, and containerized environments. Please see our installation readme for details.

Step 2 - kubefirst init

Then init your local setup providing values for the following flags:

Flag Description Example
--admin-email an email address that can be used for certificate renewal alerts and the gitlab root account
--cloud we only support aws, gcp coming soon aws
--hosted-zone-name name of the platform's hosted zone domain - this will drive the URLs of your tools (,, etc)
--region name of the aws region in which to place your region specific resources us-east-1
--profile name of the aws profile the cli should leverage default
kubefirst init --admin-email --cloud aws --hosted-zone-name --region us-east-1 --profile default

The init process produces a directory of utilities, a state file, and some staged platform content that can now be found at ~/.kubefirst

Step 3 - kubefirst cluster create

Now it's time to create the platform, to do so simply run

kubefirst cluster create